The “Of Past & Present Project” was very special to me. Jameson Nathan Jones, an incredibly talented neo-classical musician approached and offered a great opportunity to work with him in the creation of an album cover for his EP “Of Past & Present” as well as a personal branding.

Creating an album cover that truly matched his attention to detail as well as the evolving composition was a great, rewarding task. I wanted the font to really bring home the project, not only for the album cover but with the personal branding. I chose Times as the primary typeface to represent Nathan. The traditional typeface brings a certain level of class. I also included the letterforms of the typeface in the creation of the logo to reinforce this. I also provided Nathan with multiple custom banners across an array of social media platforms so he could market and better promote the EP.

Since this project, Nathan and I have forged a special business relationship and have thus moved forward in our partnership on future projects.